Boudoir Photography

The art of Boudoir Photography is to portray a woman in a sensual, attractive, alluring way.   Boudoir is French and means a woman's bedroom or dressing room.   Boudoir photography has come to mean photography of women that is intimate and more sensual than "sexy".   These photographs are usually intented for someone special.   Boudoir photographs can be a gift from a bride-to-be to her husband on their wedding night, or from a wife/girlfriend to their partner on Valentines, birthday, or anniversary.

With boudoir photography, more is often less.   Poses are modest, not sprawled out with legs open. A slight turn of the head and shoulder can create a very intimate look without being blatant.   The goal is to create a sensual portrait without becoming garish and crude.   Boudoir photography is implied nudity, but seldom is there actual display of private parts.

Usually Boudoir photography is done in the bedroom on the bed.   However, the woman does not have to be lying down nor does a bed necessarily have to be the prop.   A relaxed pose on a chaise lounge is very appropriate for boudoir photography.   It can also be done on a sofa, a love seat, or an overstuffed arm chair.

Common photography techniques include close up photos, soft even lighting, and a soft focus to the pictures.   Often only part of the subject, usually their face, is in focus and the other parts of the photograph are in blur.   Sometimes the face is not even in the picture.

The pictures and links on this page are to galleries of photographs of specific poses or photographic techniques.

The Poses
Informal research of the various poses reveals that there are several "classic" boudoir poses.   These poses include standing, sitting, kneeling, and lying down.   These are sub-categorized as fronside views, backside views, or side views.

Lying on Her Back The most popular boudoir pose has the women lying on her back on a bed.   Often the camera view is from bed level looking from her head down toward her feet.   This provides a closeup of the face.   Depending upon the depth-of-field, other parts of her body and the background may be out of focus.   This focuses attention on her face.   The woman's breasts are covered by her bra or other clothing, or possibly covered by her hands.

Lying on Her Tummy Another popular pose has the woman lying on her frontside on a bed.   Again the popular camera position is the head shot, but other angles may be from the side looking at the length of her body, or even from the feet looking up toward her head.   Variations of this pose will reveal little or none of the breasts, often allowing the woman to be disrobbed above the waist giving the hint of nudity while actually showing very little.   The lying on frontside is often used to feature the woman's booty.

Lying on Her Side And another lying pose is on her side.   Usually this is taken from the front but sometimes is photographed from the rear.   This does not appear to be as popular a pose.   Wearing a bra is almost required as not doing so would allow the breast to sag to the side in an undesirable manner.   This pose can reveal the shapeliness of a woman's hips and legs.

Standing Frontside Standing facing the camera is another classic pose.   In order to feature the curves of the body, the hips are often shifted to the side and the arms are placed up or away to allow the breasts to be seen.
Standing Backside Standing with her backside to the camera is a pose to feature the booty and legs.   Often in these shots, the face is not visible.   Actually many boudoir poses may not include the face of the subject.   Poses may have the woman looking away, or may be a tight closeup shot of a specific body part or item of clothing.   These techniques are discussed below.

Standing from the side Standing with a side view is another pose that is not as common.   It appears to be difficult to produce an interesting pose from this position.

Kneeling Frontside Kneeling on the bed facing the camera is another classic pose.   As this is usually done with the knees apart, this pose provides the closest there is to a "spread" shot of the woman's crotch.   Sometimes this pose is done with the subject leaning forward which provides a focus on the breasts while at the same time removing the view of the crotch.

Kneeling Backside Kneeling on the bed with the woman's backside to the camera is another classic way of featuring her booty.   As as with the standing backside pose, often the woman's face is not seen.

Kneeling from the side A picture of the woman kneeling taken from a side view displays the curves of both her booty and her breasts.   However it is not easy to make a sensual pose while in this position.

Sitting Sitting on a chair or the edge of a bed is a pose that usually features the legs.   Often the woman is appearing to adjust her stockings or her shoes.   Or she may be sitting back in a more relaxed pose.

Legs Up Lying on her back with her legs up in the air is a very popular pose.   When the photograph is taken from behind her head, this pose can feature her face, her breasts, and her legs.

Leg with bent knee Another specific pose is what I call "leg with bent knee".   Often is is a closeup of just the legs.   These photos often use stocking and high heel shoes as clothing props.

On All four Kneeling on all four is another lesser used pose.   This is not a body in relaxing position.   It is difficult to obtain a sensual pose.

Closeups and other types of photographs
Closeup shots are very popular in boudoir photography.   There are the obvious items of interest to focus upon such as her face, her breasts, and her booty, but these photos often bring attention to her legs or something as simple as the top of a stocking.   Another angle for an unusual shot is while she is laying down, shooting from her feet back toward her head.

Close up Face Very much like glamour shots, these shots focus on her face.   A technique often used with these is the soft blur in which a shallow depth of field has her face in focus and the rest of the photo out of focus or in a blur.

Close Up Breasts Another of her sensual parts are her breasts.   A close up of the breast either looking down her body, from the side, or over her head is a common pose.   While much of the breast may be revealed, nipples are almost never displayed.   A sexy bra, a hand, a shirt, or a bed sheet may be used to cover some of the breast.

Close Up Booty A classic boudoir pose is a close up of her booty.   Frilly panties or a lacy thong combined with stockings and sometimes a garter belt make this a tantilizing picture.   These pose are almost always with the woman lying face down on a bed and with the legs together.

Tight Focus Other, sometimes unusual, tight focus shots.   These shots can be of the top of a stocking, a hand, a hip, a shoulder.   Often these shots will include a glimpse of a sexy undergarment such as a bra, panty, or stocking.

View from the Feet These unusual shots are taken with the woman lying down and the camera near her feat looking toward her head.   The focus of the shot may be her lower body with her head out of focus, or may be her face with the lower part of her body out of focus.

Silhouette Shots of women's silhouette with her in the dark with a strong backlight from a window have long been popular photographs.

Soft Blur A photographic technique which is very popluar in boudoir photography is using a camera setting of a very low f-stop which produces a very shallow depth of field.   This allows for one feature, usually a face, to be in stong focus while other parts of her body and the background are out of focus.   This strengthens the focus of the shot to a specific feature.

Things to Wear
Besides the obvious bra and panties, negligee, or other lingerie, there are other pieces of clothing that are popular props.   Stockings often appear and are sometimes the focus of the shot.   Wearing a man's shirt, often a white dress shirt, makes the woman appear to be closer to her man.   Another theme is to combine a woman with a man's other love - sports by having the woman wear a sports jersey.   Jeans are also another favorite clothing option.   Pulling down the waist of the jeans just enough to reveal the top of her panties is a very teasing type of photograph.   Corsets while no longer a popular piece of a woman's daily clothing, are used in some boudoir photographs.   The most unusual item is an apron.   This will cover most of the front of the woman while leaving her backside exposed.   And lastly, having the woman nude with just a sheet carefully draped to cover her private parts is another favorite prop.

Stockings Thigh high stocking with or with out a garter belt is a common clothing prop. Pantyhose are never used.

Man's Shirt Another common clothing prop is a man's shirt, often a white dress shirt.   The woman can cover herself in something close to her man and feel the essense of him while she poses for him.

Sports Jersey Yet another popular clothing prop is a sports jersey.   The phot can combine two loves for her man, herself and sports.

Jeans Blue jeans are also popular in bordoir photographs.   A shot of the woman removing the jeans, pulling them down just enough to expose the top of her panties from the backside is very popular.

Corset While corsets are not a major fashion assessory for women these days, they are still popular as a clothing prop for boudoir shots.   Corsets are often colorful and have intersting lace trim.

Apron A very unusual prop is the apron.   This will cover her frontside while exposing her backside, a popular view with or without panties.

A Bed Sheet Along the line of a tease, having the woman nude, or mostly nude with just a sheet to cover private parts can produce a very sensuous picture.

Capturing Sensual Activities
There are a few poses which imply a certain sensual activity.

Unhooking Bra A photograph, usually taken from her backside, of her unhooking her bra.   This teaser anticipates the removal of the item and the possibility of more nudity while not actually displaying any.

Cupping Breasts Having the woman cup her breats with her hands is another way to cover her breasts when her bra has been removed.   Again a tease of nudity while not revealing much.

Heel Hooks Panty And last, an unusual shot used by many boudoir photographers is with the woman laying on her frontside, with her leg bent back toward her booty and her high heel catching the waist of her thong panties.

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